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Check Out Safina, a Serene Spot for Mediterranean Fare

The restaurant is open at the new InterContinental Houston-Medical Center 


Safina is awash in a serene blue and green color scheme inspired by the sea, which is fitting for this Mediterranean restaurant the heart of the Texas Medical Center. Located at 6750 Main Street in the new InterContinental Houston-Medical Center hotel, the restaurant serves up baba ghanoush, roasted beet salad, and seafood with an emphasis on healthful dishes.

The restaurant celebrated its grand opening in March (after opening in January along with the hotel) and continues to refine its menu (check the menu here). Safina seats up to 155 guests, with an 18-seat private dining area and a full-service bar.

“Safina translates to small boat or refuge, and it’s exactly what we intend to be for our guests,” Safina’s general manager Menno Ozinga said in a press release regarding the restaurant’s name. “Whether our guests are looking to get to a better place health or taste wise, we’re here to fulfill that journey for them.”

Cous cous at Safina

Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the grand opening in March.