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Crawfish Ice Cream Was Unfortunately Not an April Fool’s Joke

Red Circle Ice Cream: “We had to do it”

Red Circle Ice Cream/Facebook

Red Circle Ice Cream is known for its creative desserts (case in point: fruity pebble-topped churros or Hot Cheeto-flavored horchata ice cream). But the Houston ice cream shop’s latest creation might’ve gone too far, judging from the reaction on social media.

The company tweeted: “It’s CRAWFISH season so we had to do it. CRAWFISH flavored ICE CREAM !!! Yup !!! (*crawfish not included) ..” This tweet went out on March 29, not April 1, just FYI.

Facebook users responded with an epic array of memes and comments like: “The one time that I’m thankful for my shellfish allergy.”

Fox26 asked the hard-hitting questions during a recent segment on the flavor, including questioning whether there is actual crawfish in this ice cream. The answer is yes, along with butter, garlic, and Cajun spices.

Red Circle was going to roll out the crawfish-flavored ice cream for just one weekend, but apparently it was so popular, the shop is bringing it back for curious crawfish fans to try.