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Unfortunately Named Heights Burger Joint Bows Out

Plus, more Houston dining intel

Customizable bowls await at Daphne’s Mediterranean
Courtesy Daphne’s Mediterranean
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Welcome to AM Intel, a (mostly) daily round-up of Houston’s hottest bits of dining intel.

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Balls Out Burger departs the Heights

A little less than two years after Balls Out Burger made its debut at 1603 North Durham Drive, the unfortunately named burger joint has closed its doors. According to CultureMap, Balls Out Burger served its last patties this month, but the concept will stay alive via its roving food truck (with the same name). “The restaurant business is mysterious and fickle, plain and simple, and I can only theorize as to why we didn’t draw the kind of consistent crowds needed for long-term survival, including the fact that we were a bit of a pioneer in that particular section of the Heights,” owner Ian Tucker said in a statement.

B.B. Lemon earns one star

Houston Chronicle critic Alison Cook has evaluated B.B. Lemon, the new restaurant from B&B Butchers’s Benjamin Berg. Cook praises dishes like the shepherd’s pie and B.B. Lemon’s much-lauded cheeseburger, and notes the restaurant’s well-heeled, McLaren-driving crowd, but notes misses like “limp, mealy” waffle fries and a wine and beer list that does not “spark joy.” One star.

Daphne’s Mediterranean makes its Houston debut

After taking over Noon Mediterranean, fast-casual chain Daphne’s Mediterranean is ready to open two Houston locations. According to a press release, the chain will debut an outpost at 107 Yale Street on Friday, April 19 and a location at 1600 Louetta Road in Spring will follow on April 26.