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An Approachable Neighborhood Wine Bar Is in the Works from a Prolific Bar Owner

From the mind behind Mongoose Versus Cobra

The bar at Mongoose Versus Cobra
Mongoose Versus Cobra/Facebook

Get ready for a neighborhood wine bar with a poetic name. It’s called How to Survive on Land and Sea, and the Houston Business Journal reports that this new spot at 3401 Harrisburg Boulevard is from Mike Sammons. He’s behind popular Houston spots like Weights + Measures and Mongoose Versus Cobra, along with essential wine bar 13 Celsius.

His new wine bar is going to be way more casual than 13 Celsius, however. “The whole point (of the bar) is kind of to take the wine culture that is sort of a little bit off-putting and maybe a little bit inaccessible to a lot of people, myself included, and try to make it something that’s a little more easy to digest,” Sammons told HBJ. Look for How to Survive on Land and Sea to open in July.