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Vietnamese Street Eats Hit Asiatown’s Bellaire Food Street Next Month

Plus, more Houston dining intel

Sous vide egg at Les Noo’dle
Mai Pham/EHOU
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Welcome to AM Intel, a (mostly) daily round-up of Houston’s hottest bits of dining intel.

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Saigon street eats hit Bellaire Food Street

This summer, Vietnamese street food spot Migo will debut at buzzy new Asiatown dining destination Bellaire Food Street. Originally expected to open earlier in the year, a Facebook post announces that Migo is set to arrive in June. As Eater reported last year, the restaurant will serve steaming bowls of noodles served with chicken or pork broth and Vietnamese egg coffee, a frothy beverage that’s smoother than the basic cup of coffee.

Perry’s serves 79-cent pork chops

In celebration of the restaurant’s 40th anniversary, Perry’s Steakhouse will sell its gigantic pork chops for less than a dollar on Friday. According to a press release, the first 100 pork enthusiasts lined up at any of the seven Perry’s locations in Houston starting at 11 a.m. on Friday will score one of the towering chops for 79 cents. Expect chaos.

Les Ba’get parts ways with Les Noo’dle

Formerly sibling restaurants Les Ba’get and Les Noo’dle now officially have different owners. Les Ba’get owners Cat Huynh and Angie Dang announced on Instagram that they sold Les Noo’dle to its new owners about three weeks ago, calling the move “bittersweet.”