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Turkey Leg Hut Owners Respond to Neighbor Complaints Over Parking

The Houston sensation draws celebs and crowds

The Turkey Leg Hut/Facebook

The Turkey Leg Hut’s soul food has garnered rave reviews from celebs like Snoop Dogg and Rockets player James Harden, and every weekend the restaurant packs in diners, with waits up to two hours for food. The owners of the Turkey Leg Hut are in expansion mode, with new adjacent outposts like the Daiquiri Hut and a Breakfast Hut.

Now Fox 26 is reporting on growing pains for the restaurant, with neighbors worrying about parking issues and a “party drinking culture,” as described in the video by Sandra Stevens, president of the Museum Park Neighborhood Association.

Stevens told Fox 26:

“It’s gotten to the point where the residents can’t park in front of their own homes, ever, during those peak times. And I get it that the streets belong to the public, but I think part of the issue with the parking is the trash that the customers leave on the street when they leave the Turkey Leg Hut. Unfortunately, when they’ve been heavily drinking, they don’t have inhibitions they would usually exhibit in public. They are urinating in the yards, in people’s front yards and other things that people don’t want in the neighborhood

Owner Nakia Price scheduled a meeting with the Parking District next months to try to solve the issues, and there’s talk of a possibly creating a parking structure. Price responded to the complaints from neighbors, telling Fox 26:

We try to be good neighbors. I think we’re being proactive instead of being reactive. We’ve secured about six parking lots here just for the Turkey Leg Hut, and it’s still not enough. Just be patient. We hear you. It’s never our intent to upset anyone. My husband and I both grew up in this neighborhood so we understand what it’s like to be good neighbors. So just be patient with us and we hear you

Price also revealed that her team is working on yet another project: “Our Urban Ice House is coming up over on Emancipation,” she told the TV station.

Turkey Leg Hut posted the video on its Facebook page, adding the comment: “Just know that we are working as business owners to better things on all levels with parking and etc so please be patient.”