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Asiatown’s Bellaire Food Street Will Add Two New Chicken Options

The newest tenants offer up chicken hot pot and Korean fried chicken

Bellaire Food Street

Here’s an update on the status of buzzy new Asiatown dining destination Bellaire Food Street: two new chicken outposts will round out the roster of tenants at 9393 Bellaire Boulevard.

Chongqing Chicken Pot is a bit of a twist on the traditional hot pot. Diners order a big stir-fry, and then after that meal is finished, broth is added to deglaze the pot and more ingredients can be added to make it a hot pot. (Read more about the trend here in the South China Morning Post).

Soho Chicken will be a source for crispy, twice-fried Korean fried chicken, along with other Korean dishes. The owner of Soho Chicken arrives in Houston after operating a long-running Korean fried chicken restaurant in Philadelphia.

These spots will be joining the following tenants slated to host grand openings starting in June: Beard Papa’s, Migo Saigon Food Street, Fat Ni BBQ, Chatime, and MeetFresh. These outposts are expected to host grand openings in that order, per a Bellaire Food Street representative. Bellaire Food Street is still interviewing candidates for the last remaining spot out of the planned eateries.