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A Brand New Houston Distillery and Cocktail Bar Will Soon Make Its Debut

Fox & Seeker Distillery will soon serve Houston-born bourbon, gin, and vodka

Houston’s newest distillery brings its own vodka, gin, and bourbon to the city
Fox & Seeker
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Fox & Seeker, a new “grain-to-glass” distillery crafting vodka, gin, and bourbon, will soon open its doors in Houston.

The new distillery is set to debut later this year, bringing a new batch of locally distilled spirits to Space City. The brainchild of Andrew Thompson and Sean Anger, Fox & Seeker will also be home to a cocktail bar and tasting room that will allow drinkers to consume its wares on site. In the meantime, Fox & Seeker is set to begin bottling its London dry gin, vodka, and a flower-infused “spring gin” in the coming months.

“We will begin with clear spirits such as vodka and gin while we worked to build an portfolio of aged products, such as bourbon,” Anger tells Eater. “We will also come out with varietals of gin that can play to any palate. Up until Andrew and I started this project, I was not a fan of gin — I thought it tasted like a pine tree. I’ve learned that gins can be made many different ways. It’s an extremely versatile spirit that we plan to line up with different seasons and taste preferences.”

Fox & Seeker’s founders also boast that it will create each of its spirits from the raw materials instead of sourcing semi-finished products from other producers. “It’s not uncommon in the spirits industry for distilleries to procure already-fermented and distilled spirits, then repackage them under their own label for sale,” Anger says. “A grain-to-glass operation is not easy, but will bring a unique product lineup to Houston that is 100% made by Houstonians.”

Fox & Seeker is currently set to debut sometime in late 2019. Stay tuned for more details on its arrival.

Update, 5/7: This post has been updated to reflect additional details from Fox & Seeker’s ownership.