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Legendary Hong Kong Dim Sum Destination Tim Ho Wan Will Open in Houston

No timeline for its arrival has been set just yet, but get excited anyway

Perfect shrimp siu mai are en route
Wonho Frank Lee/Eater LA
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Tim Ho Wan, an iconic Hong Kong dim sum destination, has officially set its sights on Houston.

A representative for the chain tells Eater that it currently has plans to open a Houston outpost, though no address or timeline for its arrival has been set just yet. The news comes on the heels of Tim Ho Wan’s newest restaurant, which debuted in Irvine, California this week. Founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, the Michelin-starred restaurant also operates dozens of outposts across the globe, including U.S. locations in Hawaii, New York, and an outpost that’s soon set to debut in Las Vegas.

For the unfamiliar, Tim Ho Wan is known for its decadent and diverse selection of classic dim sum offerings, ranging from barbecue pork buns to steamed shrimp dumplings, deep-fried eggplant, and steamed rice rolls stuffed with minced beef or shrimp. Congee is also on the menu, along with sweets like pan-fried black rice mochi served with pineapple and crisp sesame balls stuffed with “lava custard.”

No word yet on when Houston diners can expect this Michelin-starred hotspot to touch down, but stay tuned for more details.