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Beloved Halal Chicken and Rice From Boston Debuts Locally Next Month

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Get perfectly spiced chicken atop turmeric rice

Courtesy The Chicken & Rice Guys

A Boston purveyor of halal chicken and rice will officially debut its first location outside of its home city in Houston next month.

The Chicken & Rice Guys is popping up at 2723 Yale Street in the Heights for a six-month run to test-drive whether it will stay in Houston long term. If all goes according to plan, The Guys will launch more brick-and-mortar locations locally alongside a fleet of food trucks. In the Heights, it will be housed inside a brand new 1,450-square-foot space.

The Guys will serve up customizable turmeric-spiced rice bowls and salad plates topped with hand-rubbed chicken and a variety of sauce options. Diners can opt to forgo the chicken for toppings of beef or tofu. The concise menu also offers homemade hummus, pita chips, and baklava.

“We are excited to enter a market where the food scene is so diverse and people are open to experiencing tastes from around the world,” said Ian So, Chief Executive Officer at The Chicken & Rice Guys.

The Chicken & Rice Guys debuts locally July 13 with grand opening prizes including free chicken and rice for life. Stay tuned for hours of operation.