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Spaghetti Warehouse’s Spinoff Restaurant Sets an Opening Date for August

It’s been a long wait

A new rendering for the Warehouse 72
Photo: Johnson Atala & Associates

After months of delay, the new Houston project from Spaghetti Warehouse is slated to open in August at the Marq*E Entertainment Center at 7620 Katy Freeway, suite 305. The Houston Business Journal spotted the new opening date on the casual pizza and pasta restaurant’s website. The website said the restaurant would open on July 22 earlier this week, but the restaurant’s PR team now state that the opening date is slated for August.

Warehouse 72 was originally slated to open in fall 2018, and then that date was pushed to this this spring due to permitting issues. When it does open up, the 8,650-square-foot space will be outfitted with a patio and private dining room.

The chain’s Downtown location suffered extensive damage due to Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Update: The opening date has been updated per a statement from Spaghetti Warehouse’s PR and the grab-and-go retail portion is no longer part of the restaurant.