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Three Houston Restaurant Openings Diners Need to Know About

Check out the new spots for Italian food, coffee, and decadent frozen desserts

Australian lamb chop “lollipops” at Warehouse 72
Adrian Verde

Houston is home to literally hundreds of restaurants, and there’s a new spot that opens (practically) every day. It’s tough to keep up with every single new eatery that’s debuted in recent weeks, but here’s three brand new openings to know about right now.

Warehouse 72

Angel hair pasta
Adrian Verde

After Hurricane Harvey ravaged Downtown stalwart Spaghetti Warehouse, it took two years for its successor Warehouse 72 to rise from the ashes — or flood waters, as it were. The Spaghetti spin-off officially opens August 1 with an industrial design, mural art, and an updated menu.

Jaime Salazar, formerly of River Oaks French eatery Brasserie 19, revamped the menu with more Mediterranean influences — think Za’atar roasted chicken with Aleppo pepper and a fresh cilantro salad; Mediterranean grilled octopus; and angel hair pasta with truffle cream sauce, grated fresh black truffles, and parmesan cheese. Salazar is flexing his culinary muscles with his house-made mozzarella used on pizzas and bruschetta. Multi-course chef tasting menus are also available. Die-hard Spaghetti Warehouse fans won’t be disappointed though — old favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, and lasagne will make an appearance on the menu.

The DoughCone

doughnut ice cream cone topped with caramel Courtesy The DoughCone

A decadent dessert mashup featuring soft serve ice cream cradled by a doughy cone just debuted in the incubator NextSeed Space at Greenway Plaza. Dough cones are baked fresh daily and resemble something like a doughnut that’s been flattened and fashioned into a cone shape, rather than a circle with a hole in it. Cones are dusted with cinnamon sugar and lined on the inside with Nutella or Biscoff Cookie Butter before being filled with the house-made vanilla ice cream. The frosty treat can be finished off with tons of topping choices like fruit, nuts, cookies, breakfast cereal, sprinkles, churros, and syrups. The rather short residency for The DoughCone will end August 2.

Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee/Facebook

A third location for the H-town roastery just debuted in Downtown’s new underground food hall Understory, joining recent arrivals Flip’n Patties and Mona Fresh Italian Food. This new location for the coffee purveyor, under the Bank of America Tower, offers the same beverage options found at its Heights and Main Street locations. Offerings include flavored lattes, single-origin coffees, and Boomtown signature beverages, including the Crüd — Boomtown’s homage to New Orleans-style coffee with chicory and vanilla. Boomtown operates Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.