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Vietnamese Noodle Bowls Debut at Smoking-Hot Asiatown Development

Migo Saigon Food Street has been packed since it quietly opened last week

Mi ga, or dry egg noodles with poached chicken, awaits at Migo
Migo Saigon Food Street/Facebook
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Migo Saigon Food Street, a new Asiatown destination for the iconic street foods of Vietnam, has arrived at Bellaire Food Street.

The restaurant was originally expected to make its debut in June, but the doors didn’t officially open until July 12. Photos posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page indicate that it’s been extremely popular since its debut, with lines streaming out the door. “We’re trying our very hardest at keeping the line as short and bearable as possible under this tough weather,” a post from Migo reads. “Everything is a learning process to us, so we take your patience and understanding to heart.”

As Eater reported last year, Migo will serve bowls of springy noodles with or without broth, and topped with garnishes like tender poached chicken, soy-marinated boiled eggs, and crispy pork fat. Snacks like spicy marinated and grilled chicken hearts, fried wontons, and grilled Vietnamese corn are also on the menu, along with a couple of fried rice options for kids.

Migo is just the latest exciting eatery to arrive at the smoking-hot Bellaire Food Street development, following an outpost of Japanese cream puff chain Beard Papa, and Xinjiang-style skewer spot Fat Ni BBQ, which quietly arrived earlier this month. Even more much-anticipated restaurants are still in the works for the development, including teppanyaki restaurant Pepper Lunch and Chinese noodle chain Shi Miao Dao.

Migo opens for full business hours on Tuesday, July 16. For now, the restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., and closed on Mondays.