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Five New Asiatown Restaurants to Try This Week

Find sweet soft-serve, Vietnamese noodle bowls, and so much more in one of Houston’s busiest dining ‘hoods

Vibrant soft serve swirls at Bae
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Considering the incredible array of restaurants of all kinds that line Bellaire Boulevard and the surrounding streets in Asiatown, it’s easy enough to get overwhelmed by all the dining options, and it seems like new restaurants are opening in the area every single day.

As such, check out this guide to the neighborhood’s hottest newcomers. From a soft serve shop that’s transplanted from Los Angeles to a Dallas export that’s now serving Xinjiang-style skewered meats at Bellaire Food Street, these five restaurants are definitely worth the drive.

Bae Ice Cream


Known for its vivid swirls of soft-serve ice cream and equally colorful cones, Bae comes to Houston via Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo. Here, the machines serve two flavors swirled together, like charcoal pineapple and vanilla or chocolate with matcha, and each cone can be garnished with everything from Pocky sticks to actual, 24-karat gold leaf.

Bae, 9798 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite A

Fat Ni BBQ

The original outpost of this destination for Xinjiang-style skewered meats is in Dallas, but the new Houston location is already totally at home. Located inside the bustling Bellaire Food Street development, Fat Ni serves a truly extensive menu of skewered snacks, including Taiwanese sausage, bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms, and fish balls. Priced at around $2 each, it’s easy to try a ton of different, perfectly-grilled skewers here without breaking the bank.

Fat Ni BBQ, 9393 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite A1

Xun Yu Si Kao

This Sichuan newcomer inside the Dun Huang Plaza specializes in water-boiled fish, a dish that involves poaching a whole fish in a spicy, Sichuan pepper spiked broth. There’s also Chongqing-style fish that’s grilled at the table, and Sichuan classics like mapo tofu and twice-cooked pork.

Xun Yu Si Kao, 9889 Bellaire Boulevard Suite D224

Rice to Meet You

Punny name aside, Rice to Meet You boasts an extensive menu of Chinese favorites that ranges from Cantonese cured pork belly to simple shrimp fried rice. There’s also rice noodle rolls stuffed with beef brisket or roasted pork served in clay pots, and a tight list of boba tea options like passionfruit green tea that can be garnished with honey boba, grass jelly, or pudding.

Rice to Meet You, 9888 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 138

Migo Saigon Food Street

Migo Saigon Food Street/Facebook

Houstonians have been lining up out the door since this Vietnamese eatery made its debut at Bellaire Food Street. Known for its noodle bowls, served with and without broth, there’s also plenty of snacks like wonton soup and grilled chicken feet. Wash it all down with an Insta-worthy, color-changing butterfly pea tea limeade.

Migo Saigon Food Street, 9393 Bellaire Boulevard Suite H