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Houston’s Favorite Cookie Shop Will Soon Expand to a Second Location

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies has a new River Oaks outpost in the works

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies/Facebook

Tiny’s beloved Milk & Cookies is expanding to a second location on the same block as Tiny Boxwood’s River Oaks home base.

The new pastry-slinging digs will be located at 2809 Saint Street in a completely new walk-up window that was carved out of Tiny Boxwood’s parking lot, according to the restaurant’s manager. “We’re rearranging the parking lot to put Milk & Cookies there and actually gaining some parking spots as well,” says Tiny’s manager Courtney Goeres.

The walk-up window will mirror the Milk & Cookies format in West U, however this parking lot version will be fancied up with a small lawn bordered by a white picket fence and maybe a couple of lawn chairs, lending a fun, “dreamy” feel, according to Goeres.

As with its West U location, Milk & Cookies will serve up coffee, ice cream, pastries, and of course the eponymous chocolate chip cookies for which Tiny’s is so well known. Unlike the West U location, which has pastry-making facilities onsite, the goods for this walk-up window will be supplied by Tiny’s central commissary, a project that’s been a long time coming, according to Goeres. Once fully up-and-running, the commissary will supply items like sauces and pastries to all of Tiny’s locations.

There’s no timeline set for Tiny’s new Milk & Cookies debut, as the company is focusing on the commissary currently, but expect it to arrive sometime in 2020. Stay tuned for updates on that and more.

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