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Where to Sip Boozy Spiked Seltzer, Summer’s Hottest Drink, in Houston

White Claw is this summer’s hottest drink trend

Rum-spiked “Clawtails” at Present Company
Present Company [Official Photo]
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

There’s no denying that White Claw, a slim can packed with boozy hard seltzer, is the summer’s hottest drink. Dominating Instagram feeds and inspiring countless memes, White Claw has also popped up on a number of Houston bar menus.

Tired of sipping White Claw or other spiked seltzers at home by yourself? Head to one of these Houston bars for an icy cold can, or a cocktail mixed with White Claw and even more potent booze. Check back often, because we’ll be updating this list throughout the summer.

  • Present Company — Leave it to this Montrose bar, known for its La Croix cocktails, to come up with ridiculously inventive White Claw “clawtails,” including the “Claw Me Maybe,” which involves a can of Mango White Claw filled with rum, mango puree, and raspberry syrup. A Tajin-dipped mango garnish gilds the lily.
  • The Burger Joint — Co-owned by Present Company’s Shawn Bermudez, this late-night burger destination also slings cans of White Claw.
  • One Armed Scissor — Double up on the booze at One Armed Scissor with a budget-friendly (and potent) drink deal. For just $7, you get a can of White Claw and a shot of Basic vodka, because obviously.
  • Rodeo Goat — Wash down a towering burger at this Dallas export with a can of White Claw.
  • Lotti Dotti — Is there anything more refreshing than sipping a White Claw on a patio? During happy hour, all cans of the fizzy libation are just $5 each.
  • Catbirds — Here, chase top-shelf shots of tequila with a can of your favorite flavor White Claw, or just stick to the Claw itself.
  • Lilly & Bloom — Dance and drink the night away at this Downtown Houston bar, where you’ll often find budget-friendly specials on cans of Claw.
  • Vara’s 45 — This delightful dive serves what is arguably the best White Claw Wednesday deal in town — cans of all five flavors are just $2.50 each all night long.