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Starbucks Will Now Deliver Iced Coffee to Your Door in Houston

Plus, more Space City dining intel

Ice Starbucks coffee on table. On April 26, Starbucks... Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images
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Welcome to AM Intel, a (mostly) daily round-up of Houston’s hottest bits of dining intel.

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Starbucks’s delivery service launches in Houston

Starting today, caffeine junkies will be able to get a fix without ever having to leave the house. According to a press release, Starbucks Delivers is now available in Houston via the UberEats app, and “95%” of the coffee chain’s menu can be delivered directly to the door. The delivery fee is $0.49, plus a 15% service fee, both of which will seem totally worth it when putting on pants is just too much of a struggle.

La Vista 101 shutters

Sad news for fans of La Vista 101, the restaurant officially closed its doors this week. According to Houstonia, owner Greg Gordon spent the last year “trying to survive” and keep the restaurant open, but it just never quite took off.

MAD in River Oaks apparently has a six-week waiting list

Since its debut, new Spanish restaurant MAD as earned tons of media attention, and the crowds have followed. According to CultureMap’s Ken Hoffman, the restaurant is fully booked for now, currently only accepting reservations six weeks in advance. Not surprisingly, fast food enthusiast Hoffman is a little bit salty about the long wait. “There is no food that great that I’d wait six weeks for a reservation,” Hoffman writes. “Even if I were having dinner with Paul McCartney, Roger Federer, Tom Hanks, Willie Mays, and Bill Gates.”