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A Poke Chain Touting ‘Sushi Pizza’ Is Headed to Houston

Poke Burri also makes sushi doughnuts too

A slice of sushi pizza with ahi tuna, avocado, and spicy mayo drizzle on a blue plate
Sushi pizza at Poke Burri
Photo: Poke Burri/Instagram

There are plenty of places to eat poke in Houston, but one new poke chain is hoping to up the ante by also serving sushi shaped like doughnuts or pizza slices. Atlanta-based Poke Burri offers the usual assortment of customizable poke bowls and sushi burritos. But it also plies sushi into donut shapes or into a deep-fried corndog and a fish-topped rice pizza with its own nori crust.

An account called “PokeBurri HTX” recently joined Instagram, with the tagline “Coming soon...Your amazing neighborhood poke shop ft. Sushi Burritos and our infamous secret menu.” Back in January, the chain announced that it is headed to Houston among other locations in cities like Denver, Detroit, Tampa, and Nashville.

Eater reached out to Poke Burri to confirm its address in Houston and will update this post if necessary with more information.