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An Exciting New Nanobrewery Heads to Jersey Village

Expect Senate Avenue Brewing Company to land sometime late this year or early next

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Senate Avenue Brewing Company, a new brewery from Jersey Village mayor Andrew Mitcham, will open its doors later this year.

Mitcham tells Eater that Senate Avenue Brewing Co. is currently in the midst of the permitting process, which means that it wont open its doors at 16000 Dillard Drive, Suite F, until later this year at the earliest. “Our biggest hurdle has been permitting, which every brewery can attest to,” Mitcham says. “The state and federal brewery permitting process takes a few months as well, and there are a lot of uncertainties in that process.” Construction is expected to begin on the space in the next month or two.

As far as the beer is concerned, drinkers can look forward to a line-up of staple, crowd-pleasing beers like an IPA, a blonde ale, a malty amber, and a high-gravity stout. “Personally, I’m a ‘hop head’ and love a good hop-forward IPA, but we fully plan on listening to our faithful followers and developing beers that suit their palates,” he says. “We aim to be a real neighborhood brewpub catering to our good friends and neighbors in Jersey Village.”

Right now, Mitcham currently expects that Senate Avenue Brewing Company will arrive in December of this year or January next. Stay tuned for an official opening date.