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A Former ‘Top Chef’ Contestant Brings Hot Cheetos Croissants to EaDo

Koffeteria will serve a bounty of creative pastries

hot cheetos crusted croissant
Who wouldn’t want a Cheetos-crusted croissant?
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Koffeteria, a new bakery from Top Chef contestant Vanarin Kuch, will open its doors in EaDo this fall.

The former Tiny Boxwoods pastry chef tells Eater that his new pastry destination will debut at 1110 Hutchins Street, Suite 102, later this fall. As food reality TV fans might remember, Kuch was a competitor alongside Fluff Bake Bar’s Rebecca Masson on Top Chef: Just Desserts in 2011. After the show, Kuch says that he worked in kitchens in New York City and Chicago before returning to Houston to open Koffeteria.

Over-the-top croissants will have the spotlight at Koffeteria, ranging from flaky pastries crusted with Hot Cheetos or sour cream and onion Ruffles, and honey-drenched pistachio praline baklava croissants. Kuch has been teasing the bakery’s desserts via his Instagram account, showing off innovative sweets like a modernized carrot cake served in a clay pot and a “warm milk souffle” topped with crunchy chocolate chip cookie. Ice creams, coffee, and pies will also be on offer.

Scope out some of the pastries in the works below:

Kuch expects Koffeteria to debut sometime in late October. Stay tuned for an official opening date.