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Houston Man Stranded By Flood Waters Goes Fishing, Eats Whataburger

Of course, TV cameras were on hand to capture this delightfully Houston moment

Tropical Storm Imelda Brings Heavy Flooding To Houston Area
Rain from Hurricane Imelda poured on Houston yesterday
Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images
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In a television moment that could only happen in Houston, a Space City man was caught by TV cameras catching a 4-pound fish out of yesterday’s flood waters while eating a Whataburger.

ABC13 aired the footage of the man on Thursday, showing him with a large bass in one hand and a Whataburger in the other as he waited for the floods to recede near I-45 and Cross Timbers Street on Thursday. A Facebook user named Andrew Mattheis posted a photo of the news story on Facebook, racking up tens of thousands of shares, likes, and comments on this uniquely Houston flood survival strategy.

Scope out the photo below:

This dude caught a 4 pound bass on the feeder road near I45 and Cross Timbers in front of Whataburger while he was...

Posted by Andrew Mattheis on Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fortunately, it looks like this unidentified man will be able to score a burger without having to wade through a giant river across the highway very soon — a flash flood warning is still in effect across Harris County until 7 p.m. on Friday, but the waters are finally receding.