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A Cereal-Obsessed Dessert Bar Plots a Spring Opening in Katy

Taste Buds Cereal Bar will serve more than 30 different types of cereal, including ‘rare’ varieties

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Taste Buds Cereal Bar, a new dessert cafe that’s completely obsessed with cereal, will open its doors in Katy.

The sweet new spot is set to make its debut at 1801 Mason Road in Katy in the coming weeks, billing itself as the suburb’s first-ever cereal bar. Its owners are currently in the process of building the space out — they’ve secured the restaurant’s first permits, and construction is underway. It’s a first for Katy, but cereal bars have been trending across the country in recent years, including the just-shuttered Kellogg’s Cafe in New York City and hip-hop artist Theo Martins’s wildly popular Cereal and Such in Los Angeles, which opened in 2017.

In the meantime, owners Courtney and Jazmin Thomas have been trying out different types of cereal — marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and Pop Tarts cereal among them — to determine what to serve at the forthcoming Taste Buds. In addition to more than 30 different types of cereal, including “rare” offerings, Taste Buds will also serve sweets like cereal-infused strudels, cake, and smoothies.

At present, the Thomases tell Eater that Taste Buds Cereal Bar will arrive sometime in April, and plan to host a pop-up before the cafe’s official debut.