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Seoul-Style Corn Dogs Are En Route to Bellaire Food Street

Two Hands is the latest vendor headed to the development

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Bellaire Food Street/Facebook

Bellaire Food Street already boasts spicy hot pot, fancy popsicles, Korean fried chicken, and more, but there’s still ground to cover: next up is Korean corn dogs. The Seoul street food fad is making in-roads in America: Katy’s Sul Bing Su started serving mozzarella cheese hot dogs and more crunchy hot dogs on a stick this fall.

A representative from Bellaire Food Street confirmed with Eater that corn dog purveyor Two Hands will open soon in the Asiatown development. There’s no firm opening date yet, but the hope is to open up by mid-year or earlier than that.

Two Hands is currently open at Zion Market in Lewisville, and pictures of the menu on Yelp show flavor combinations involving Nashville-style spicy seasoning, sweet ranch sauce, a potato-cube wrapped corn dog, and more, clocking in between $2.99 and $4.49 per hot dog. Dirty fries with Cheeto powder are available too, for those diners looking for more fried snacks.