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Downtown’s Retooled Food Hall Will Show Love for Plenty of Local Brews

Plus, more Space City dining intel 

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The latest on Downtown’s 2.0 food hall

Houston’s O.G. food hall Conservatory Hall just flipped into a new venue called Underground Hall (1010 Prairie S Road), reports Houstonia Mag. The subterranean replacement comes from hospitality pro Daut Elshani, who recently helped open the new Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. facility. To make the basement space more welcoming, he tells the pub he’s working on a bright refresh, as well as improving the main bar and plumbing. The opening vendor list currently includes American-Italian gastropub Crisp, which currently has a location in the Heights. Underground Hall’s retooled bar, dubbed Beer Market, will be outfitted with 30 taps showing love for local makers and popular pours from Louisiana. Underbar, tucked under the stairs, will serve wine and cocktails. He’s still working on filling out the food hall with tenants, hoping to announce a smorgasbord of new offerings by late February. The original Conservatory is “repositioning” in a new space.

A comeback for Bob’s Bagels

Robert Orzo, a native New Yorker-turned-Houstonian, is bringing his beloved hand-rolled bagels back to Memorial, reports CultureMap. Orzo, who drew a large following for his authentic carb-slinging stand at Memorial Villages Farmers Market in 2015, plans to plant Bagel Bob’s NYTX at 1021 Dairy Ashford Road in the former Kolache Headquarter space. The new shop could be just a month or two out from opening, he tells the pub. The bagel man was most recently making breads at steakhouse B&B Butchers. At Bagel Bob’s NYTX, he also plans to add Big Apple street foods like knishes and hot dogs to the mix.

Junior’s Produce

Junior’s Produce in Northwest Houston just kickstarted a GoFundMe page to help rebuild after several storms destroyed its tent and facilities. They also suffered major damage to their product. The family-owned business is on the prowl for donations to fix outstanding damages and get up and running again.