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A ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Pop-Up Bar Arrives in Downtown Houston

Plus, more Space City dining intel

a glass of amber-colored foamy liquid with two neckties near it
Find Butter Beer and more at the Muggle-less Bar
Muggle-less Bar

Welcome to AM Intel in the time of coronavirus, a round-up of the city’s newest bits of restaurant-related intel. Follow Eater on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date details on how COVID-19 is impacting the city’s dining scene.

Montrose club Barcode hosts PRIDE Pantry

A weekly neighborhood food pantry has opened inside of one of Montrose’s most popular gay bars. The PRIDE Pantry, which was first launched in August, is open from noon to 5 p.m. every weekend inside Barcode at 817 Fairview Street, Outsmart Magazine reports.

Like many of the community fridges that have popped up across the country during the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn, the PRIDE Pantry gives out free non-perishable food, pet food, toiletries and other goods. People can also donate to the pantry during hours when its open. The pantry occasionally gets perishable food that it needs to give away quickly. Readers can follow Barcode on Facebook for updates on the pantry’s needs and special donation giveaways.

Harry Potter-themed bar pops up in Downtown

A new pop-up bar inspired by boy wizard Harry Potter will have a short run at the venue formerly known as The Capitol at St. Germain in Downtown. The Muggle-less Bar will open October 16, just in time for Halloween, and run through November 8 at 711 Main Street.

In addition to Instagram-worthy photo spaces, the bar will host events like trivia nights and live entertainment, and will be family-friendly until 8:30 pm each night. Expect book-inspired drinks like Butter Beer and Polyjuice Potion as well as a wizard-inspired food menu, whatever that entails.

Peace Maker Po’boys makes Midtown debut

A po’boy shop with an impressive Houston pedigree is now open in Midtown. Peace Maker Po’boys is a project from Benjy Mason, of Down House and Johnny’s Gold Brick, Chris Roy of Bernadine’s and Graham Laborde of Hunky Dory. The trio have joined forces to bring New Orleans-style sandwiches to Houston from a pop-up operating out of Natachee’s Supper ‘n’ Punch at 3622 Main Street.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Peace Maker’s sandwiches include the birria debris po’boy, with crispy braised beef, a smoked turkey po’boy with meat from Feges BBQ, and classics like a fried shrimp and oyster po’boy. The restaurant’s name comes from the oyster-heavy ancestor to the po’boy sandwich, allegedly so-named because husbands would bring them home to their angry wives.