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Houston’s Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Graffiti Gets An Elote-Themed Makeover

The frequently repainted overpass now reads “Elote or Die”

H-Town Happy Hour/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Houston’s iconic “Be Someone” graffiti, painted on the railway bridge above I-45, has a brand new look thanks to an anonymous, elote-obsessed artist.

The visual icon near Downtown Houston was recently painted over with the words “Vote or Die” over the past few days ahead of the general election on November 3. Shortly after, though, someone with a couple cans of green and yellow paint gave the art a makeover, and it now reads “Elote or Die.” Considering Houston’s affinity for the classic Mexican street food, it does seem like a pretty apt makeover for the mural.

As most Houstonians know, the “Be Someone” mural is frequently repainted — or defaced, depending on how you look at it — with a variety of slogans. In years past, it’s read “Send Nudes,” and after Hurricane Harvey, the mural served as an homage to Mattress Mack, who worked tirelessly to help those who had been impacted by the storm. At the onset of the pandemic, the work was repainted to read “Wash Ur Hands.”

The “Be Someone” art is repainted so frequently, in fact, that Union Pacific, the railroad company that operates on the bridge, had to involve authorities after a slogan tied to fringe right-wing movement QAnon appeared on the bridge back in August.

No one has stepped forward yet to claim credit for the “Elote or Die” art. Folks who want to snap a shot for the ‘gram should probably head there soon before the message is, inevitably, changed to something else.