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A New Restaurant Will Soon Bring Comfort Food and Lagoon Views to Humble

The Blue Lagoon Bar and Grill will boast sunset views and chicken and waffles on the menu

A manmade lagoon with turquoise water and white sands.
The lagoon at Balmoral in Humble will soon be home to a first-of-its-kind restaurant.
Balmoral Lagoon/Facebook

A first-of-its-kind restaurant is opening soon on the crystal clear waters of the lagoon at Balmoral in Humble.

The restaurant, called The Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill, will give diners a sunset view of the waters and white sand of the manmade 2-acre lagoon. It’ll serve a wide variety of dishes, like steak, Italian food, burgers, and sandwiches, including signature items like pork medallions wrapped in bacon and drizzled with chipotle hollandaise sauce, and chicken and waffles with cheesy grits and Aleppo pepper.

The restaurant will also be available for events like weddings, parties and corporate events, It’s expected to open in early November and will serve food from noon to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. When it does open, it’ll be the first restaurant alongside a Crystal Lagoon amenity,

These crystal lagoons have been popping up throughout the Houston area in recent years, with locations near Texas City and Rosharon. The Humble lagoon, in the Balmoral development, opened in 2018 and was the first in Texas. The lagoons feature turquoise water and white sand beaches, with a special man-made technology that keeps the water from getting cloudy or sandy. The lagoons also feature amenities like splash pads, paddle boarding, and now, sunset dining.