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The Minds Behind Two Iconic Nigerian Restaurants Will Soon Open a Jollof Rice Destination

Called the Jollof Rice King, the new eatery will also serve dishes like suya, pepper soup, and more Nigerian classics

Jollof rice is definitely the food of royalty
Jollof Rice King [Official Photo]

Jollof Rice King, a new destination for Nigerian cuisine, is just about ready to make its Houston debut.

Located at 3833 Richmond Avenue, the exciting new addition to the city’s dining scene is set to open its doors on October 13, after multiple delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re really excited to bring something new to the Houston dining community,” co-owner Tiffaney Odewale tells Eater.

With a bold storefront decked out in red and yellow, Jollof Rice King’s aesthetic is as enticing as its flavors. It’s the latest establishment from the husband-and-wife team of Tiffaney and Avo Odewale, joining African dining staples Cafe Abuja and Taste of Nigeria, which serve both Houston’s large Nigerian immigrant community and native Houstonians alike.

“The Nigerian diaspora is really expanding here,” Tiffaney Odewale explained. “We have a lot of second generation Nigerians that have studied in Houston, and lots of working professionals; they still like their native foods. We felt like there was still a need for this cuisine. It’s an opportunity to not only serve the growing diaspora, it’s an opportunity to introduce to the whole community to this food — not just Nigerians — but anyone that has a curious palate.”

Jollof Rice King [Official Photo]

While the restaurant is more of a grab and go style eatery, Jollof Rice King’s menu is no less ambitious than the restaurants that preceded it. Suya — a broiled beef or chicken skewer — served with jollof rice and plantains, barbecued goat meat served with rice, and numerous pepper soups filled with protein like whiting, croaker fish, or chicken, are on the menu. And of course, there will be plenty of jollof rice, a classic West African one-pot rice dish that’s beloved around the world.

“We already had the blueprint from the other two restaurants, so this one was easier to get started. We learned from our past mistakes, so we’re excited to use the menu from the other two restaurants to bring this jollof restaurant to the community.”

Jollof Rice King will officially open its doors on October 13, and diners can check out its hours of operation and official opening guidance on the restaurant’s website.