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Much-Anticipated Mediterranean Restaurant March Debuts New Lounge

The Lounge, which will serve as a “prelude” to the full-scale restaurant, will operate through the holidays

A top-view spread of Mediterranean dishes
The Lounge at MATCH debuts tomorrow, November 19.
Julie Soefer Photography

A hotly anticipated restaurant-within-a-restaurant from the minds behind Rosie Cannonball and Goodnight Charlie’s is set for a surprise opening tomorrow, November 19, in Montrose.

MARCH, an ultra-elevated Mediterranean restaurant focused on the intersection of foods and culinary traditions from that region’s many countries, was originally scheduled to open in early 2020, but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. But the team behind Goodnight Hospitality’s newest restaurant has decided to forge ahead, instead opening the Lounge, to give diners a taste of what’s in store when MARCH finally does open.

The Lounge, at 1624 Westheimer Road, was initially intended to be the “prelude” to the MARCH dining experience, and will operate throughout the holidays, serving a casual selection of drinks, snacks and sweets inspired by The Levent, the portion of the Eastern Mediterranean that includes Lebanon, Israel, and Syria.

A small room with plush-looking grey couches and deco art on the wall
The Lounge is a small, intimate space meant to seat no more than 16 people.
Julie Soefer Photography

“The food of the Mediterranean, specifically The Levant, is the food of the people,” said Goodnight Hospitality partner and chef Felipe Riccio in a statement. “This food and these flavors are approachable and recognizable. Yet the format and intimacy of MARCH allows us to take the time to show you a different part of ourselves and our cooking. Dining is a joyous affair, and we’re letting our inner nerds have some fun.”

The dining experience at the Lounge will include a $48 reservation that comes with a half glass of champagne, a cocktail from the Lounge’s signature menu, and a selection of light bites like harissa mille-feuille and carrot basbousa. Diners can then choose between three menus, called Harvest, Pasture and Tide, each with four dishes representing the food MARCH eventually hopes to present to diners.

The 700-square-foot restaurant-within-a-restaurant is meant to be an intimate space, seating no more than 16 people at a time. With occupancy restrictions due to the coronavirus, that number will be further limited, hence the need for reservations. It’s worth noting that coronavirus cases are currently on the rise throughout Texas and Harris County, and studies indicate that there is a higher exposure risk when dining indoors. The level of risk involved with any dining situation is contingent on businesses following strict social distancing and other safety guidelines.

The Lounge will be open Thursdays through Saturdays, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. through January 9, 2021. The restaurant will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and will be open subsequent Sundays during those weeks.