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Popular Food Truck Twisted Grilled Cheese Debuts Its First Permanent Location

Twisted Grilled Cheese has arrived on Washington Avenue with a slew of seriously cheesy sandwiches

a person pulling apart two halves of a grilled cheese, with the melted cheese stretching between the halves
Twisted Grilled Cheese will open on Washington Avenue on November 21.
Photo courtesy Twisted Grilled Cheese

The first permanent location of a popular gourmet grilled cheese food truck will finally open on Washington Avenue this weekend.

Twisted Grilled Cheese will kick open the doors at 5555 Washington Avenue on Saturday, November 21, offering seriously decadent takes on the comfort food staple, including a brisket grilled cheese and a halal Philly grilled cheesesteak.

The move was announced earlier this summer, less than a year after Houston native Ahmad Fobbs found runaway success with his fleet of grilled cheese food trucks. The brick-and-mortar will allow Fobbs to offer an expanded menu of elevated dishes, such as a truffle mushroom sandwich, a grilled cheese topped with tarragon-tinged lobster, and an avocado and fried egg BLT. The restaurant will also offer soups, including the perfect companion to grilled cheese – a bowl of tomato basil — as well as a bevy of deserts, like cheesecake doughnut holes and Nutella sandwiches.

The grilled cheeses won’t be the only over-the-top aspect of the new restaurant. The interior is modeled after infamous 1980s nightclub The Hacienda in Manchester, UK, home to the early rave subculture and birthplace of the “Madchester” music scene. That includes “colors that scream, patterns that blur your vision and surreal touches that elicit double-takes to create a space that reinforces the unexpected nature of the Twisted brand,” said Gin Braverman, creative director of gin design group who helped design the space. The restaurant’s bar will offer drinks that exude that playful ambiance, including a “Sassy” Old Fashioned, Creamsicle martini, and boozy milkshakes.

Starting Saturday, Twisted Grilled Cheese will be open Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.