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Three Brothers Bakery Co-Founder Sigmund Jucker Dies at 98

The Polish immigrant opened the beloved bakery with his brothers in 1949

Sigmund Jucker
Three Brothers Bakery/Facebook
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Sigmund Jucker, one of the three co-founders of beloved Houston sweet shop Three Brothers Bakery, has died at the age of 98.

Jucker passed away on December 11, according to his obituary, after more than 50 years of operating Three Brothers Bakery in Houston. Born in Poland in 1922, Jucker was a fourth-generation baker and a Holocaust survivor. Later, he immigrated to Houston to be with family, then opened the first Three Brothers Bakery with his brothers Sol Jucker and Max Jucker in 1949.

In the decades following, the bakery became a Houston mainstay, thanks to its wildly popular cakes, cookies, and pastries. Following his death, Jucker’s son will continue to operate Three Brothers Bakery.

“Sigmund had a passion for health and exercise and knew at an early age that good food kept you healthy. He loved to eat, but had a strict diet of his famous rye bread and mostly vegetables so he always stayed fit,” his obituary reads. “He also loved the outdoors and would kayak at Lake Conroe on his day off and snow skied until he was in his early 70s. His grandchildren would watch in amazement when he did 100 push ups at the age of 80 years-old.”

Memorial services for Jucker will be held on Monday, December 14. Houstonians who wish to pay their respects can join the service virtually via Three Brothers Bakery’s Facebook page starting at 2 p.m.