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Kanau, a New Restaurant From One of Houston’s Best Sushi Chefs, Opens This Week

Sashimi will be the star of the show at this much-anticipated spot from Tobiuo chef Mike Lim

A rendering of Kanau Sushi
A rendering of the dining room at Kanau Sushi
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Kanau Sushi, a new raw fish destination from one of the Houston area’s best sushi chefs, will officially open its doors this week.

Chef Mike Lim tells Eater that the restaurant will host a soft opening this week at its sleek new home at Drewery Place in Midtown, and reservations are currently available for dinner service on Friday, December 18. Lim says that Kanau was originally expected to make its debut back in June, but the COVID-19 pandemic happened and pushed the opening timeline back several months.

As previously reported by Eater, the restaurant will occupy a 2,000 square foot space inside the Midtown high-rise, complete with a sophisticated sushi bar and minimalist, modern decor inspired by the sushi bars of Japan.

According to Lim, sashimi will be the star of the show at Kanau, with top-notch fish flown in from exotic locales and the chef’s distinctive style of presentation. He’ll also bring some of his favorite Korean flavors to the table via a selection of cold dishes like the Blood Moon, a preparation of thinly sliced amberjack with yuzu-chile vinaigrette.

For diners who aren’t familiar with Lim’s sushi prowess, he most recently helmed the sushi bar at acclaimed Katy restaurant Tobiuo, where his stunning omakase services and dinners featuring the breakdown of whole bluefin tuna convinced people to make the drive to the suburbs for sushi night. “I’ve already been hearing from people in the city,” Lim says. “When I was at Tobiuo, it was too far for them to drive out there.”

At first, Kanau Sushi will open at limited occupancy, with room for about 40-50 diners in the socially distanced space. Reservations are required, and can be made via booking platform Tock. Takeout orders can be placed by calling the restaurant at 832-879-2106.