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Houston’s Most Beloved Fried Chicken Will Make a Comeback at Finn Hall

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The chefs behind Kitchen 713 will serve suya-spiced yardbird, jollof rice, and more at Lit Chicken

Fried chicken at Kitchen 713
Bill Addison [Eater]
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More than a year after the departure of their beloved fried chicken destination Kitchen 713, chefs Ross Coleman and James Haywood have teamed up again for a new restaurant at Downtown food hall Finn Hall.

The duo is currently working to open Lit Chicken inside the space formerly occupied by Mala Sichuan Bistro inside Finn Hall at 712 Main Street. Coleman describes the restaurant as “steeped in southern tradition,” with influences from West Africa and beyond. “We just thought it was time to get back together,” Coleman told Eater. “We love how Finn Hall is individualized, you can have your own little restaurant there.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Coleman and Haywood’s culinary prowess, they previously operated the much-lauded Kitchen 713, a “global soul food” restaurant that earned a great deal of critical acclaim and diner love. That restaurant closed in 2018, and Haywood and Coleman took some time to recover from feeling “burned out.” The chefs teamed up again to host a popular brunch pop-up series after its departure.

As far as the food is concerned, diners can expect Kitchen 713’s fried chicken to make a comeback, along with rotisserie chicken that’s spiced like suya, or West African meat skewers. Some of the most popular sides from Kitchen 713 will also be on the menu, including jollof rice.

At present, Haywood and Coleman are redecorating and revamping their Finn Hall space, with plans to open sometime around March 2.

Finn Hall

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