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Gulf Coast Distillers Is Making Hand Sanitizer Instead of Booze

The product will hit shelves in Texas later this week

Photo: Gulf Coast Distillers/Facebook

Like several distilleries around the country, one Houston hooch maker’s response to the coronavirus crisis is to help out by brewing up some hand sanitizer. Gulf Coast Distillers, which bills itself as the largest distillery in Texas, is working this week on getting its own alcohol-based version of the product on shelves at retailers throughout the state.

The company announced its decision on social media, writing:

As the coronavirus concerns have grown over the past week, and the supply of important health items has become sparse, we have decided to shift our production resources to help our community in this time of need.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Known for bottles like its Black Label Bourbon Whiskey with notes of vanilla and caramel, Gulf Coast Distillers is turning over a dedicated production and bottling line to this project. The plan is to roll out its “C4U Hand Sanitizer” to the public via retailers across Texas later this week. Stay tuned for updates on where and when to find Gulf Coast Distillers’ version of the now-scarce hygiene product.