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The Minds Behind EaDo Favorite Nancy’s Hustle Have a New Pizza Spot in the Works

Plus, a $5 fee for diner cellphone use and more Houston dining intel

Nancy Hustle’s Nancy cakes.
“Nancy cakes” at Nancy’s Hustle
Mai Pham

Welcome to AM Intel, a (mostly) daily round-up of Houston’s hottest bits of dining intel.

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Nancy’s Hustle is getting a fermentation-obsessed sister restaurant

The team behind Nancy’s Hustle, Eater Houston’s 2018 Restaurant of the Year, is readying a new restaurant and it’s all about fermented food. Expect a sister restaurant called Tiny Champions from Sean Jensen, Jason Vaughan, and Julia Doran to open up at 2716 McKinney Street this fall.

“With a focus on natural fermentation (the tiny champions of flavor), we will offer naturally leavened pizza, a variety of funky fermented vegetable dishes, tasty wine and cocktails. It will be by Tiny Champions, of Tiny Champions and for Tiny Champions,” the Nancy’s Hustle restaurateurs told Eater in a statement.

Night Heron could be closing

Agricole Hospitality’s already revamped its fledgling restaurant Night Heron once, pivoting from late-night global plates to a pasta-heavy all-day neighborhood bistro back in September 2019. Now it sounds like the owners are over it: CultureMap Houston reports that the space is currently available for sublease. “If we get an offer we dig, we’ll pull the trigger,” co-owner Morgan Weber told CultureMap. “If not, we’ll keep rolling.”

How one Houston restaurant is fighting cell phone addiction

Bistro Provence owner Genevieve Guy thinks cellphone use at dinner isn’t good manners, and she’s making a statement at her Memorial-area restaurant. KHOU reports that a line in the bistro’s menu reads: “As a courtesy to other guests, please do not use your cellphone in the dining room. Using your cellphone will result in a $5 tuition fee to teach you good manners!”

Guy’s never enforced the rule, and thinks it’s more of a way to get people talking (with each other at the table, not on their phone). “When you sit down, you already drove here, it’s pretty. You have a nice little napkin and a good waiter. Just remove the cellphone and enjoy the time,” she told KHOU.