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Hoke Poke Heights Opens With Gorgeous, Colorful Poke Bowls

Options include citrus hamachi with garlic chips and truffles

Hoke Poke Height’s fresh yellowtail and tuna bowl
Photo: Hoke Poke Heights/Facebook

A new poke bowl option just entered Houston’s ever expanding poke landscape. Houston Hoke Poke Heights announced a soft opening yesterday on its Facebook page. The shop debuted at 1040 W Cavalcade in the Heights, with very selfie-friendly decor that combines two trends: lush greenery and neon signs.

The Facebook page for Hoke Poke Heights includes puns based on the Hokey Pokey song, naturally, reading: “Now open in The Heights! Your favorite neighborhood spot for fresh poke. Come in & see what it’s all about! #dothehokepokehtx.”

Meanwhile, the poke bowls at Hoke Poke Heights include lots of colorful toppings. Options include a Tuna Kahuna bowl, with ingredients like cucumbers, jalapeños, jicama, crispy onions, sweet chili, and sesame oil. A Citrus Hamachi bowl involves yellowtail topped with radish, serrano peppers, cilantro, jicama, citrus ponzu, yuzu tobiko, garlic chips, and truffle, while the Ginger Salmon bowl includes nori sheets, tomatoes, edamame, and cucumbers.