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Houston Restaurant Group Provides No-Cost COVID-19 Testing For Its Employees

Goode Company’s Levi Goode teamed up with a local clinic to get his workforce tested

Goode Co. Barbecue
Goode Company/Facebook
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In anticipation of reopening dining rooms at limited capacity in the coming days, Goode Company owner Levi Goode is offering free COVID-19 testing to all employees at his restaurants.

Goode Company, which operates popular spots like Goode Company Seafood, Goode Company Taqueria, and Armadillo Palace, collaborated with Houston-based “microclinic” Hamilton Health Box to provide COVID-19 tests to its workforce. According to a press release, the tests were administered by medical professionals at Hamilton Health Box, and results were “privately” shared only with workers.

“These screenings allow us to provide the highest possible care to our employees and in turn to our guests,” Goode said in a statement. “Our guests deserve transparency and the knowledge that we as a company are doing all that we can to keep them healthy and safe in our restaurants.” In an effort to encourage employee safety while they’re working, Goode Company will also provide workers with personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.

Even though some Houston establishments will likely choose to stay closed after Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order allows them to reopen on May 1, Goode plans to open all of his restaurants next week. The governor’s order does not require restaurants to test their employees, but does require the implementation of new health protocols like requiring more frequent disinfection of surfaces and spacing tables six feet apart.

As the governor’s Open Texas guidelines suggest, Goode Company will screen employees before they’re allowed to serve diners, and anyone who comes to work with a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home.

When Goode Company’s restaurants return next week, expect even more changes in the dining room in addition to masked employees — the restaurant plans to increase the space between its tables, use paper menus, and only provide single-use condiments.