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Dak & Bop’s Museum District Restaurant Is Closing

Second location in Timbergrove will continue to serve Korean-style fried chicken

Dak & Bop’s Korean-style fried chicken
Dak & Bop’s Korean fried chicken
Jakeisha Wilmore/Eater

Dak & Bop, which brought Korean-style fried chicken to the Museum District, is closing, the restaurant announced on Facebook this morning. The restaurant was established in 2014; the final day of service will be May 25, Memorial Day.

In the Facebook post, the restaurant pointed to the coronavirus pandemic as a partial reason for the closure.

“With the unexpected pandemic, potential health risks, and a myriad of other factors we have to proceed with the closure,” it said. “We are proud to say we have zero regrets in regards to being takeout only because we feel it was in the best interest for the safety of our staff and customers. If losing this business resulted in saving a life, we will take that everytime.”

The restaurant specialized in Korean-style street food, including the method of double-frying chicken to make it extra crispy. Dak & Bop opened a second location earlier this year in Timbergrove focused on fusing Korean and Italian food. That location will remain open.

Dak & Bop [Facebook]

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