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Get Ready For Serious Sugar Overload at Katy’s New Cereal Bar

Taste Buds brings classic cereals and super-sweet combo bowls to the ‘burbs

Boxes of cereal Shutterstock

Nostalgia-laced cereal bar Taste Buds finally has an opening date.

The Katy dessert bar (or breakfast bar, depending on how you look at it) was originally slated to open this spring, but was set back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it’s set to debut on June 19 at 1801 Mason Road in Katy. Owner Courtney Thomas said the spot will launch with a limited menu of classic cereals available by the bowl, plus special combo bowls created by the restaurant.

Taste Buds’s combo bowls include options like the decadent Nothing But Chocolate, which pairs Cocoa Puffs, Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate milk; and the Campfire, made with Golden Grahams, chocolate syrup, Hershey’s Bar and marshmallows.

“It’s a way to capture the nostalgic feeling we all had as a kid,” Thomas said of the restaurant. To that end, the Instagram-friendly spot will have a TV showing Saturday morning cartoons, plus a selfie wall covered in cereal box covers. Thomas and his wife, who are both junior high teachers, solicited the help of their students in sourcing the cereal boxes. “It’s been exciting to relive” his childhood, Thomas said.

Eventually, Taste Buds plans to offer rare and harder-to-find cereals. Thomas said that in planning the restaurant, he’s discovered a whole community of cereal collectors — those who collect rare and vintage boxes, hard-to-find promotional toys, plus cereals from other countries not available in the United States.