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How to Securely Send Anonymous News Tips to Eater Houston

Know a story we need to investigate? Here’s how to contact a reporter via Signal or confidential tipline

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Because Eater Houston’s readers always have their finger on the pulse of the city’s dining scene, our email inboxes are frequently filled with tons of news tips.

Usually, those tips range from intel on new restaurants in a neighborhood to a photo of a “for lease” sign on a once-popular restaurant’s door. Occasionally, though, we receive tips involving allegations of serious misconduct in the restaurant industry, including sexual harassment, wage theft, and financial impropriety.

If you’ve got an important news tip and would like to remain anonymous, Eater Houston is committed to protecting the anonymity of our sources. Here’s how to share information with us securely.


Download the app Signal, which encrypts voice calls and text messages, to send secure tips to Eater Houston. First, send us an email at with “Eater Houston Signal request” in the subject line. We’ll share the phone number that you can use to call or text via the Signal app. If you don’t want to use your personal email address to contact us, you can sign up for a free encrypted email account via ProtonMail.

Eater Houston’s Tipline

Though it isn’t encrypted, tipsters can always reach Eater Houston via its tipline e-mail, Tipline emails are only viewed by the journalists at Eater Houston, and all information sent through our tipline sent can be kept confidential. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with us via phone to discuss sensitive details, please send an email to request a phone call.

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