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Two Hands Brings Crispy Korean-Style Hot Dogs to Bellaire Food Street

The street food restaurant will serve up its crispy, mozzerella-stuffed hot dogs starting this fall

Three fried hot dogs on a stick, one covered in red sauce, one covered in cubes for fried potato, and one covered in a black seasoning.
Two hands is know for its crispy, stuffed hot dogs on a stick.
Two Hands

A popular Korean street food restaurant is bringing its crispy, stuffed corn dogs to Bellaire Food Street, the popular food hall in Houston’s Chinatown, this fall.

Myungrand Hot Dog is known for its deep-fried hot dogs on a stick, stuffed with all manner of creative fillings, like gooey mozzarella, squid ink, crispy potatoes and more. It’s been called the most famous hot dog in Korea. The restaurant has more than 700 locations in Korea, and has opened 15 locations in the United States since they first launched here in 2018, including one in Carrollton.

In Houston, Myugrand will rebrand as Two Hands, located at 9393 Bellaire Street. A Two Hands also opened in Lewisville, Texas, in January. A representative for Bellaire Food Street explained that it’s the exact same restaurant — Two Hands is just the new name for the English-language market.

When it opens, Two Hands will join Sul Bing Su in Katy, which also serves Korean-style hot dogs alongside decadent shaved ice. In addition, Bellaire Food Street already includes a bevy of popular street foods, including Korean fried chicken, spicy hot pots, and fancy popsicles.

No word yet on an exact opening date, but stay tuned for details.