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Bonchon’s Shatteringly Crisp Korean Fried Chicken Lands in Midtown Today

The beloved chain makes its official debut after more than a year in the works

a spread of fried chicken, bibimbap, kimchi, radishes and other korean dishes
Bonchon has officially opened in Midtown
Mai Pham/EHOU

At long last, Korean fried chicken chain Bonchon has finally arrived in Midtown.

The restaurant, at 2100 Travis Street, Suite 110, posted to Facebook that they are officially open for business on January 13, more than a year after the restaurant was originally supposed to open.

The chain’s extra-crispy, double-fried chicken is well worth the wait. Bonchon is known for made-to-order Korean-style fried chicken, which yields a super crunchy skin, and which comes with spicy sauce or soy garlic, and is sold as wings, drummies, nuggets and in a combo pack. The menu also includes Korean favorites like bulgogi bibimbap, Korean-style tacos, tteokbokki, udon, and mochi, among other dishes.

The Midtown location is the first in central Houston, joining restaurants in Pearland, Sugar Land, and Katy. The Midtown spot was originally supposed to open in late 2019, but was likely delayed by the events of 2020.

This most recent opening is part of a big Texas expansion for Bonchon, which announced in November that it was planning to relocate its U.S. headquarters from New York to Dallas. More locations are planned for North Texas in the coming months.