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A New Restaurant Slinging Sizzling Chinese Barbecue Is Headed to Asiatown

Friendship BBQ will soon make its debut in the Dun Huang Plaza with scores of sizzling skewered meats

a bowl of noodles and a hand holding three barbecued meat skewers in the foreground. the meat is dusted with sesame seeds
Friendship BBQ is bringing Chinese-style skewers to Asiatown
Friendship BBQ Boston/Facebook

A new Chinese barbecue joint will soon be headed to Houston’s Asiatown.

Friendship BBQ, which specializes in Chinese-style grilled and skewered meats, or chuan’er, will open in the Dun Huang Plaza at 9889 Bellaire Blvd, Ste D-238, according to the restaurant’s website. Currently, the restaurant operates franchises on both coasts, in cities like Bethesda, Maryland, Chicago, Las Angeles and Seattle. The Houston location will be the first in the central US.

According to Eater New York, the restaurant is hugely popular among the city’s Chinese expats. Friendship’s menu has its roots in Northeastern Chinese street food, specifically the seasoned skewers of meat, veggies or offal that are grilled on streetside stands and often accompanied with beer. The menu also includes hot pots, seafood dishes, including spicy crawfish, and foil pots, which look like sheet pan meals complete with meat and veggies cooked together.

No word yet on when Friendship BBQ will open its doors. Stay tuned for more details on its debut in the coming weeks.