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Beloved Beef Purveyor Cherry Block Plots Two New Houston-Area Locations

The Bravery Chef Hall outpost will close as the team prepares to open a steakhouse in Garden Oaks and a Katy butcher shop

a person holding two raw cuts of steak in the shape of a heart
Cherry Block Butcher is closing up shop in Bravery Chef Hall to open two new stand-alones.
Cherry Block Craft Butcher/Facebook

Cherry Block Butcher, the Bravery Chef Hall meat market focused on local and sustainable ingredients, is closing up shop at the food hall in preparation for two new standalone locations opening later this year.

Cherry Block is already in the process of opening a butcher shop and market in Katy that will serve both locally-sourced, heritage meats to both wholesale and retail customers. Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Market, at 5305 Highway Boulevard, is expected to open in early February.

In addition, partners Felix Florez and Chef Jess DeSham Timmons are also planning a steakhouse, called Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen, for the Stomping Grounds, the nascent Garden Oaks development that already includes a second location of Fat Cat Creamery and is expected to house a second location of self-serve wine bar and eatery Shoot the Moon, whose first location has yet to open in Spring Branch.

The Market in Katy will feature a dry-aging room, custom bacon, custom seasonings, and chef-prepared take-and-bake meals.

Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen will harness Florez and Timmons’ direct relationship with farmers throughout Texas to create a fine-dining experience at a reasonable price. The restaurant also expects to introduce diners cuts of pork and beef that many restaurants don’t have access to. It will also offer a full beverage program including a selection of wines curated by Florez, a 25-year veteran sommelier. The restaurant is slated to open in Summer of 2021 at The Stomping Grounds at 1223 W 34th Street, Suite 100.

Additionally, Jess Timmons has been working to develop the menu for Toucan Swim Club, the boutique hotel pool bar at 100 W Cavalcade that used to be the dilapidate Astro Inn, according to Houstonia. No work yet on when that project will open.

Florez credits the support of the Bravery Chef Food Hall for letting Cherry Block grow and establish a devoted clientele over the past two years.

“We’ve taken it as far as we can in the current location and we’re ready for this next leap,” he said. “There’s not going to be anything else quite like it.”

In the meantime, meat lovers can score one last bite at the Bravery Chef Hall stand Downtown. The last day of service will be January 31.