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Long-Awaited Sichuan Hot Pot Chain HaiDiLao Finally Opens Its Doors in Katy

Get ready for primo proteins and super-fresh veggies, all cooked in savory broths right at the table

Hot pot heaven awaits
HaiDiLao [Official Photo]
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

After more than three years in the works, hot pot fans can finally get their hands on the sizzling, simmering pots at HaiDiLao, which has finally opened its doors at the bustling Katy Grand development.

Known for its seriously over-the-top service style and hot pots packed with premium proteins, HaiDiLao was founded in Sichuan, and has since expanded to hundreds of locations across the globe. In Houston, its sprawling 6,295 square foot dining room at 23220 Grand Circle Boulevard will boast seating for 200, complete with a patio. According to a press release, the chain transplanted some of its most skilled staffers from Cupertino, California to Houston to ensure that the restaurant opens smoothly.

When HaiDiLao opened its doors in Dallas-Fort Worth last month, the chain was immediately met with hours-long waits, even though its opening wasn’t formally announced. In anticipation of similar crowds, HaiDiLao is currently requiring reservations for all diners wishing to indulge in its hot pots.

As far as those hot pots are concerned, expect a table with space for four different broths — perhaps spicy beef tallow soup, miso, or Thai-style tom yum — that can be stocked with thinly sliced meats like Kurobuta pork shoulder, organic chicken, and A5 wagyu ribeye steak. Veggies, noodles, and lavish garnishes round out each pot, along with plenty of side dishes and desserts.

This is the first Houston-area location for HaiDiLao, but it won’t be the last. As Eater reported last year, the chain is currently working on a location in Midtown Houston at the MidMain development. No opening timeline for that restaurant has been announced just yet.

HaiDiLao is currently accepting reservations via its website. Phone reservations are also an option, but don’t be surprised if the restaurant is so busy that phone calls go unanswered.