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Houston Rap Legend Bun B Is Getting Into the Burger Game

Get ready for Trill Burgers, a new smashburger destination from Houston’s most prominent rapper

2018 Astroworld Festival
Bun B performing at the 2018 Astroworld festival in Houston
Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage
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Bernard “Bun B” Freeman, the Houston rapper best known as one-half of iconic duo UGK, will soon throw his hat into the ring of Houston’s bustling burger scene.

The man known as the “Trill OG” is set to open Trill Burgers, a new fast-casual spot that focus on the thin, crispy-edged smashburgers that are popular in California. The restaurant is a partnership between Freeman, Andy Nguyen of Afters Ice Cream, and Sticky’s Chicken owners Patsy and Benson Vivares. The trio of culinary minds hasn’t chosen a location for Trill Burgers just yet, but is currently searching for the restaurant’s first permanent address.

It’s not shocking that Freeman, a noted food obsessive with strong opinions on Houston’s dining scene would open a restaurant. In a 2016 interview with Eater, the rapper shouted out local favorites like Frenchy’s Chicken, Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot, and Fluff Bake Bar as some of his own most beloved Houston dining destinations.

“For years I’ve been fascinated with the culinary scene, trying to find the best entry point for me,” Freeman said on Instagram. “Today I can say I’ve found it.”

The Oklahoma onion burger at Trill Burgers
Trish Badger for Trill Burgers

Details on the menu are scarce right now, but there will, of course, be a simple smashburger on the menu, plus an Oklahoma-style burger that involves frying onions directly into a burger patty.

The first Trill Burger pop-up is set for Sunday, August 8 at 12 p.m. at Sticky’s Chicken. Stay tuned for more details on Trill Burgers’s permanent home.