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A Massively Popular Malaysian Boba Tea Shop Will Open in Houston

Daboba will soon debut its cheese green tea, yogurt drinks, and more in Asiatown

A woman holds a yellow-hued drink with orange boba at the bottom of the cup.
Expect to see Daboba’s drinks all over your Instagram feed
Daboba USA/Facebook
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Daboba, a Malaysian chain known for its milk teas, frappes, and other boba-packed beverages, will soon open its first Texas location in Houston.

The shop is set to open its doors at 11360 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 80, in the coming months. According to Eater San Diego, its arrival in Houston is part of a major expansion for the Malaysian-born chain in the United States. Founded in 2018, the chain has already grown to dozens of locations across Malaysia, and outposts of Daboba are currently in the works in cities like Dallas, Miami, New York, and of course, Houston.

The shop is known for its fresh boba pearls, made in-house, and the seriously decadent roasted brown sugar pearl fresh milk, a drink that’s packed with brown sugar boba, topped with a layer of creamy foam, and brown sugar that’s torched until caramelized. Fruit teas, green tea topped with cheese foam, and golden milk tea with honey boba are also on the menu, along with yogurt-based drinks and cocoa frappes.

Daboba has not yet announced an official opening date for its first Houston location, but expect it to arrive soon. Stay tuned for more details on its debut.