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Sleek Italian Cafe Concura Makes Its Debut Near Highland Village

Get ready to sip amaro spritzes and feast on seafood carbonara

an overhead spread of italian dishes including charcuterie, pasta and several glasses of wine
Concura brings Coastal Italian cuisine to Houston.

Concura, a chic new restaurant focusing in coastal Italian cuisine, officially kicks open the doors today, August 17, at 4340 Westheimer Road.

The restaurant is a passion project from Italian fashion and design consultant Jessica Biondi, and was in the works for nearly a decade while Biondi searched for the perfect location and kitchen companion.

The name Concura — “with care” in Italian — gives some insight into the detail-oriented vibe of the restaurant, which is inspired by the seaside cafes that dot many of Italy’s lesser-known coastal cities. Biondi, a native of Fano, Italy, which is on the Adriatic Coast, said in a press release that the restaurant will feature large and small plates to encourage diners to share and explore the region’s cuisine together.

To run the kitchen, Biondi brought on chef Angelo Cuppone, also a Fano native, who recently left his post at Rice Village Italian spot Roma. Concura’s rotating menu will include dishes like vitello tonnato, seafood carbonara, and marinated octopus and potatoes with Taggiasche olives. The restaurant will also offer a selection of raw and cured meats, including tartare and thinly-sliced salami. Drinks-wise, expect Italian wines and Italian-inspired cocktails, with variations on spritzes and amaro-based drinks like the Negroni.

Biondi’s attention to detail extends to the decor, including an intimate open kitchen, designer-made Italian furniture, antiques, and lime-washed walls.

Concura’s will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays, starting with dinner services only. Find out more by following the restaurant on Instagram.