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An Exciting New Mexican-American Eatery Will Replace Calle Onze in the Heights

Chef Thomas Bille, formerly of Belly of the Beast in Spring, will lead the kitchen at Chivos

The exterior of Calle Onze
Calle Onze in the Heights will soon become Chivos
Calle Onze/Facebook
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Chivos, a new Mexican-American restaurant from a seriously exciting chef, will soon replace current Mexican restaurant Calle Onze in the Heights.

The restaurant is set to open its doors in the space at 222 West 11th Street in the Heights sometime in October. Calle Onze will continue to operate until October 1, at which point it will close after a farewell party, according to a press release. A project of Night Moves Hospitality, the new restaurant group behind hotspots like Space Cowboy, owners Greg Perez and Chris Manriquez describe the restaurant as “inventive and unpretentious.”

Los Angeles native Thomas Bille, formerly of the short-lived but acclaimed Spring restaurant Belly of the Beast, will lead the kitchen. As far as the food is concerned, diners can look forward to a menu of Mexican-American dishes influenced by the regional cuisines of Mexico and Tex-Mex, among other flavors. Dishes like pozole-stuffed dumplings and duck served with fig mole will be on offer, along with a cocktail menu that’s heavy on Mexican spirits and childhood influences.

“We’re excited to introduce a wide variety of Mexican spirits, from rum to gin to sotol and liqueurs,” Perez said in a statement. “We want to expose people to other Mexican alcoholic products besides tequila and mezcal.”

Calle Onze will close after October 1. Stay tuned for an official opening date for Chivos.