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An Exciting New Sushi Restaurant Is Headed to Upper Kirby

Money Cat is from chef Sherman Yeung of Tobiuo Sushi 

A dish from Tobiuo Sushi
A dish from Tobiuo Sushi
Tobiuo Sushi Bar

The team behind one of Houston’s best sushi restaurants is branching out. Sherman Yeung, chef and owner of Tobiuo, is set to open a playful “New Japanese” restaurant called Money Cat. According to Houston Food Finder, the new destination in the Kirby Grove center at 2925 Richmond is set to open this summer.

At Money Cat, Yeung plans to serve sushi and a range of dishes from katsu sando on housemade milk bread to kabocha ravioli. The hope is to make things like miso, soy sauce, and koji butter in house. Pastry chef Jiolo “Jio” Dingayan will serve desserts like chocolate laced with seaweed.

The look of Money Cat will be sleek and minimal, with warm wood, black marble tile, and cube light installations — and a wall of golden maneki-neko or Japanese money cats will greet guests at the restaurant’s entrance.

Money Cat isn’t to be confused with Theodore Rex chef/owner Justin Yu’s pop-up of the same name, Houston Food Finder notes, and Tobiuo was originally established by chef Mike Lim, who left to open Kanau Sushi in Midtown.